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If you own, manage or represent a hotel / B&B or holiday let please read the FAQ section before you contact us.

Q. As a hotel owner how do I control room availability on Gohotels?
A. Gohotels.com is a price comparison and review website, we do not sell rooms directly on our website but refer customers to suppliers such as expedia to book a room. As a hotel owner you control your room availability with expedia. If you have allocated rooms to expedia your property will show up in the search results on Gohotels.

Q. Is expedia the only supplier Gohotels gets room availability from?
A. No. Room allocation is derived from multiple sources such as accorhotels, agoda, amoma, asiatravel, ctrip, evoline, ebookers, getaroom, homestay, hotelpedia, hotelquicky, hotelsclick, hrs, prestiga, skoosh, superbreak, zenhotels and many more.

Q. How will I be informed if I receive a booking?
A. You will be informed in the usual manner from your supplier.

Q. When I perform a search for my hotel I am advised that no rooms are available on a particular date but rooms actually are available, how do I correct this?
A. Update your room availability with your suppliers. Gohotels gets room availability from suppliers, if you don't allocate any rooms to your supplier for a particular date they will inform the search system on gohotels that no rooms are available for that particular date.

Q. How do I update my hotel details on Gohotels?
A. Please email your best 10 photos, description and facilities list to the email address below. Please include the exact webpage of the listing you want to update in your email.

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