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Les Tipaniers Hotel , PK26, Tiahura, Papetoai , Moorea

WEB: lestipaniers.com
Your Outstanding Service Award is a symbol of excellence, it's a sign of success you can share with the world and a thank you from your guests.
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<style>.ghboutsidebox{width:250;background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 3px solid #00A2E8;padding: 0px;border-collapse: collapse;border-spacing:0px;}.ghbinsidebox{width:100%;padding: 0px;border-collapse: collapse;border-spacing: 0px;}.ghbinsideboxtop{background-color: #00A2E8;font-family:Trebuchet MS;font-size:16px;font-style: normal;font-weight: bold;color: #FFFFFF;}.ghbinsideboxmiddle{background-color: #FFFFFF;font-family:Trebuchet MS!important;font-size:20px !important;font-style: normal !important;font-weight: bold !important;color: #00A2E9!important;text-decoration: underline !important;}.ghbinsideboxfooter{background-color: #FFFFFF;font-family:Trebuchet MS; font-size:14px;font-style: normal;font-weight: bold;color: #00A2E8;}</style>

<div id="gohotelsbadge"><table width="250" class="ghboutsidebox"><tr><td><table width="100%" align="center" class="ghbinsidebox"><tr><td class="ghbinsideboxtop"><div align="center">Outstanding Service Award<br>2017</div></td></tr><tr><td class="ghbinsideboxmiddle"><div align="center"><a href="https://www.gohotels.com/r/en/hot/les-tipaniers-hotel-pf.htm" target="_blank" class="ghbinsideboxmiddle"><br>Les Tipaniers Hotel<br><br></a></div></td></tr><tr><td class="ghbinsideboxfooter"><div align="center">Presented by Gohotels.com</div></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></div>

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Outstanding Service Award
Presented by Gohotels.com
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